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Welcome to the Browser Archive

Who archived all these?
One of the founding members of, Adrian Roselli (or aardvark for those of you who visit the site or are on the mailing list), provided the archive as well as its support through his company, Algonquin Studios. You can see more information at his archive announcement.

Browser submissions should be sent in the form of a URL using our contact form, so that staff can download the software into the master archive.

A Very Simple and Effective Captcha

I have a very simple anti-bot spam technique that works extremely well. It requires no javascript, cookies or complicated server weirdness, is fully accessible, has no hidden fields, has negligible overhead and takes just a moment or two to implement. It requires that the user fill out one field with a number, so it's good for anti-bot but will not prevent human spammers. In three years, I have yet to receive any spam on any of the many sites that I have installed this on. Sites that were being bombarded with hundreds of spams daily suddenly became quiet and good emails get though.

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Picture of codepo8

How to get published on

Sometimes you may wonder why there isn't any new content on for a longer time. Well, we do receive a lot of articles, but a lot of them are not fit for release on this very site.

All the more annoying and depressing for the writer when we have to formulate a nice email denying the publication.

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Simulating Apache asis feature with very simple CGI

by robertmarder | Apache's asis feature, provided by mod-asis, is a very simple way of sending static HTTP headers along with static content. Many installations of Apache have this disabled (the default) and those of us not on Apache are out of luck. This combination has led to this simple and useful feature being overlooked by most web developers. Read More »

Search Engine Friendly URLs with IIS and Classic ASP

by Marcel Feenstra |

A few years ago, I needed a Content Management System (CMS) for my site Voor Beginners and its English counterpart For Beginners. One of the requirements was, that the CMS should use "search engine friendly" URLs. This is fairly easy to accomplish with Linux and Apache; however, another requirement was that the CMS should run on the Windows platform... In this article, I will show how you can "simulate" the effects of .htaccess and mod_rewrite using Microsoft's Internet Information Server (IIS) and classic ASP.

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Google Algorithm Update Analysis

by beanstalk | Anybody who monitors their rankings with the same vigor that we in the SEO community do will have noticed some fairly dramatic shifts in the algorithm starting last Thursday (July 5th) and continuing through the weekend. Many sites are rocketing into the top 10 which, of course, means that many sites are being dropped at the same time. We were fortunate not to have any clients on the losing end of that equation however we have called and emailed the clients who saw sudden jumps into the top positions to warn them that further adjustments are coming. After a weekend of analysis there are some curiosities in the results that simply require further tweaks in the ranking system. Read More »

Working with hierarchical data in SQL using Ancestor tables

by christian cadieux | This document describe an approach to SQL queries of hierarchical data using ancestor tables. Multiple inheritance are allowed but cycles are not allowed for this approach to work. Read More »

How to Get Listed in the DMOZ Directory

by Marcel Feenstra |

I'm a little confused. As an internet consultant specializing in search engine optimization, I believe that it is a good idea to submit your site to DMOZ (a.k.a. ODP or the Open Directory Project) --in fact, Google even encourages you to do so! However, being an ODP editor myself, I can tell you from personal experience that perhaps only 10-20% of all the site suggestions we receive actually follow our guidelines...

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Failover Database Connection with PHP + mySQL

by SJBDude7 |

You want to connect to a mySQL database? Well, then it's likely you already know how. But how about connecting a second database if the first one fails? No? This could be a life saver.

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How Visual Design Can Impact your Bottom Line

by Brad Henry | How do you know if you should invest more time and money into creating a killer design? This case study examines how the look and feel of the site can impact your overall conversion rate which can provide justification for a little more investment. View the old site, compare it to the new site and review the conversion metrics that shows the before and after conversion rates. Read More »

Site review: French presidential campaign sites:

by raphael | Dominique Voynet, a former minister of Environment and Equipment, is standing for the leftist Green party's in the French presidential election coming up at the end of April. Her campaign site,, seems to break an exceptionally high number of basic and seemingly well-accepted usability and content design guidelines. Read More »

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